Google+ Hangouts

Have you tried Google+ yet? If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of its most amazing features: Hangouts.

What’s a Hangout, you ask?

A Google+ Hangout is a FREE video chat tool that allows you to chat with up to 9 others at one time. All each users need are the things the probably already have. A computer, a webcam, an internet connection, and a google account. For step-by-step instructions from Google on starting your own Hangout, click here.

Social Media Examiner has a fantastic article on How to use Google+ Hangouts, so I won’t try to recreate that wheel.

What I can tell you is one way we are using it for business.

ASAP’s parent company, Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC, has seven offices in three states. I still serve as the Marketing & Business Development Director, so I stay heavily involved in the firm. We have regular meetings, typically requiring a number of team members to drive from their home location to the designated meeting location. The meetings are important, and it’s also just as important to conduct these face-to-face. For years, our team members traveled once a month, spending crucial business hours traveling, racking up mileage, hotel bills and food costs. Not to mention the cost of partners and other company leadership not being able to conduct business as usual.

Enter Google+.

Rodefer Moss ‘hanging out’.

The Rodefer Moss IT folks went to work. You don’t have to be an IT person to set any of this up, but the Rodefer Moss IT folks are awesome, so they did it for us. Each office was set up with a Google+ account.  They ensured that a computer and webcam would be available in each office. Then we set the meeting date. On the meeting day, everyone logged in to their Google+ account. The meeting facilitator started the Hangout, and invited the others to join. That was it!

Since our first Hangout, we’ve had many more. We understand that Hangouts won’t replace every face-to-face meeting. We also understand that Hangouts are a fantastic way to conduct business meetings with folks from various locations, still get that valuable face time, all the while being efficient and saving unnecessary expenses.

How could you use Google+ Hangouts in your business?



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